names + crimes

Unpublished list-poem gathered from Bertillon cards for Least Wanted: A Century of American Mugshots.

Wm Flood, dead. Earnest Scurlock, wanted for robbery and will run. Chas. Sattler, gangster, slain. Michael F. Gorman, has numerous women friends. Edward Tippins, user of tobacco. Archie Ross Jones, arrested for snatching watch in Savoy Bar, claimed it was given to him by owner—both drunk. Perry Lee, a close mouthed Negro who is probably committing burglaries. Ellery Augustus Stroup, found one Morris Westman in bed with his wife, went to sons bedroom took a knife and cut both parties. Earl Ulysses Wookey, voluntarily gave himself up after an argument with his wife. Nieves Medina, a floating Mexican. Herbert Jerry Fulbright, he has caused St. Paul lots of “trouble.” Sterling Stiles, is confirmed dope fiend, hangs around fast women. Lazaro Randa, always carries a knife and threatens people. Wisdom McGill, shot Julius Jones Langley. Mabel Johnson, usually wears slacks. Harry Salzman, likes to live big. Ken Burroughs Beown, when in trouble contacts Grandmother.


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